Our history

Finca Pollença

Family country house located in Pollença.

In 2006 we wanted to install internet in our family finca located in the middle of the Pollença countryside.

We called several internet companies and when the operator heard about the location she laughed and ignored us.

When, after many attempts, we managed to talk to the person in charge, we told her our problem.

She gave us no solution.

Kindness and understanding were absent at all times.

We felt ignored and disrespected.

Then, we thought: "This must be happening to more people".

We came up with the idea of researching ways to provide our neighbours with the kind of service that no one else was offering.

We looked for methods to bring internet to the finca without the help of other companies.

We found systems, especially abroad.

These companies had the technology, although at that time, there were few places in Spain and the rest of Europe that had implemented it.

We set up an improvised office in our grandparents' house and there we started to investigate how to adapt the wireless internet system to the remote areas of Pollença.

Facade of the first office in the grandparents' house.

The developers of the technology were looking for entrepreneurs to implement it, so they helped us adapt it to our orography and our market.

In 2007, after testing it in our finca, we deployed the wireless internet network for the neighbors of Pollença and connected our first client to the internet.

Our goal was to bring fast, stable and accessible internet connections to every corner of the Balearic Islands.

And it was clear to us, we had to do it being close to our users and neighbors to be able to both listen to them and understand them.

Just what we didn't find at the time.

We moved from that first office/grandparents' house, although we kept their telephone number for customer support.

And we still have our headquarters in Pollensa, close to our first users.

Until today...

We have connected to the internet more than 25,000 neighbours scattered throughout the Balearic Islands.

We cover more than 90% of the Balearic Islands, both in rural and urban areas. We even provide connection on the island of Cabrera.

We have 4 offices close to our clients.

And we are more than 50 residents in the Balearic Islands working to offer a close internet connection.

Because we all deserve to have a provider that treats us well

and is with us.