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Internet for residential complexes

Current Internet infrastructure for residential complexes

If you need a network for your residential complex, either because the current one is slow and unstable or because you simply do not have one, we have a product to suit you.

Our Internet service for residential complexes is ideal for both existing communities and also new-builds.

4 Megas
Sign up + Installation 49€
Sign up + Installation conditions
  • Home call-out.
  • Internet wire to inside the property (up to 25 metres).
  • Engineers' time (up to two and a half hours).
  • Set up the Wi-Fi router
Router free

No minimum term

Fibre optic
Customised project

We are happy to help you.



    Internet throughout the residential complex!

    Internet for residential complexes is a product aimed at both existing complexes and also architects, developers or builders who are thinking about a new build.

    We can install or pre-install systems to distribute bandwidth in buildings, properties and residential complexes, offering residents quality Internet connections at reduced prices.

    We have been carrying out this type of installation in residential areas since 2007, in both rural areas and towns which lack the infrastructure necessary to provide fast or stable Internet access.

    Why choose ib-red?

    We have 25 commitments to customer care, and they're all set out in writing.

    #1 Highly experienced, with 1000s of installations completed

    We have completed over 25,000 installations in homes on the islands since 2007. Count on our experience.


    #2 No surprises

    Straightforward information before you sign up. Simple pricing system in which VAT is ALWAYS included.Know exactly how much you are going to pay.


    #5 No obligation

    Take out what you need. We won't force you to take out a home phone.Don't pay for what you don't need.

    The largest fixed Internet coverage for households

    At ib-red we install high-speed, stable Internet connections covering over 90% of the Balearic Islands, including even the island of Cabrera.

    Tell us the exact location of your home on the coverage map, and we will look at your case and inform you of available Internet connections, without any obligation.

    Our small print is not so small

    We don’t think about concealing our service clauses. The most important ones are shown at the beginning in large print.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is a joint installation that makes it more cost-effective, but every neighbour has a router and an individual line.

    This is a customised system. It will depend on the needs of the community and the technical feasibility according to the geographical location.
    The IB-RED network is meant to and capable of discriminating between the transfer of traffic. In order to ensure an equal distribution of bandwidth, a queuing tree is made according to the types of traffic with maximums and minimums guaranteed.

    We have a telephone helpline from 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm and then 4 pm to 7 pm.

    And, according to the latest statistics, the average time to resolve incidents in homes is 24 hours. We’re always trying to reduce times.

    The helpline is a local 971 number, while the whole ib-red team lives on the Balearic Islands and therefore knows the region well.

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