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The Proximity Method

Inspired by neighbourhood shops and close relationships with our neighbours.
Internet and mobile operators devote more effort to attracting new customers than to offering a good service to those who are already customers.

For this reason, the telecommunications sector ranked third in the number of complaints.

None of these complaints went to ib-red. Y tampoco hemos recibido este año.

At ib-red we have always been concerned about our neighbours.

Deshalb bringen wir schnelle und stabile Internetverbindungen in jeden Winkel der Balearen und bieten einen freundlichen Service.

Before you sign up with a new provider, make sure you know the method or plan they have for dealing with their customers.

👇 Aquí te contamos el nuestro. 👇

Our proximity method

This is how we manage to offer you an internet connection that treats you well:


You contact us, and a member of the ib-red team talks to you one to one.



You ask us, we listen to you and give you an objective, sincere and easy to understand answer.



You need us, and the ib-red team gives you the time and professionalism you deserve.



You choose us, and you receive a stable and fast internet connection no matter where you live.

The conception of the method.

We were born and raised in the village of Pollença, surrounded by local businesses and friendly neighbours.

They have inspired us in the development of our proximity method.

The method that allows us to give you a deal you can't even imagine.

What do you get with our proximity method?

You avoid long automated switchboards and...  You receive Direct Treatment.

You avoid paying for what you don't need and... You get what you just need.

You avoid confusing and dubious explanations and... You receive transparency.

You avoid lack of professional dedication and time and...  You receive attention.

You avoid unstable and slow connections and...  You get reliability.

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They have chosen a connection that treats them well

Since 2007 offering connections that do treat you well.