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Virtual switchboards for businesses

More features and lower cost for calls

ib-red's virtual switchboards for businesses reduce the cost of installation, maintenance and calls, and also allow you to tailor functions in accordance with your needs.

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Virtual switchboards for businesses

ib-red's virtual switchboards for businesses have advanced features that, until recently, were only available to companies with large budgets. However, virtual switchboards are now a valid option for all types of businesses, avoiding the high cost of buying a physical machine and all the associated services and extras.

Benefits of virtual switchboards for businesses:

1. Avoids the cost of physical machinery.

2. Avoids obsolescence, with fast, economical upgrades.

3. Avoids line rental costs.

4. Allows more economical prices for calls thanks to use of IP telephony.

5. Allows reduced time and cost by dealing with incidents remotely.

6. Allows unlimited numbers of extensions at low cost.

7. Allows the number of extensions to be increased and decreased with ease.

8. Allows customised features to be set up.

9. Allows backups, ensuring service in any circumstance.

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