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Wi-Fi areas and hotspots

Do you need to extend your Wi-Fi area?

We can set up extensive Wi-Fi areas for businesses, for use both indoors and outdoors, with the option to connect multiple devices at once: 6, 8, 10 devices or more for homes, dozens of devices in the case of restaurants and offices, and even hundreds in the case of large hotels. We have a customised service to set up the business Wi-Fi you need!

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#1 Highly experienced, with 1000s of installations completed

Since 2007 we have made more than 25,000 installations. We work with all types of companies improving their connectivity.Count on our experience.


# Absolutely clear from the start, ensuring no misunderstandings

The naked truth We don't have any small print, all details are made clear in advance. No unpleasant surprises! You know what you're getting, and for how much.


ib-red's custom solutions for Wi-Fi areas areas are the most effective option in professional installations for rented holiday villas, hotels, apartments, commercial premises, offices, ports, airports, etc. Large spaces that require far-reaching Wi-Fi coverage and/or multiple devices connected at once.

ib-red's technical team, which has extensive experience and has been developing this type of project for more than 10 years, assesses the areas and spaces to be covered and the number of users to be connected to the network, and prepares a quote based on this analysis.

Our team always prioritises optimisation of resources and remote management of devices in order to achieve a high-quality, robust Wi-Fi extension. Including technical remote management and control maintenance is an interesting feature, providing full reassurance by guaranteeing maximum security and optimal coverage and quality of service at all times.

We help holiday rental villas, hotels, flats, shops and shopping centres, ports, airports, etc. to have large WiFi areas where multiple devices can be connected at the same time.

Users are increasingly demanding this service of WiFi areas for companies, which is already considered a compulsory additional service for this type of business. In ib-red we can help to improve the satisfaction of your clients by offering a stable and fast internet connection in all the premises, both indoors and outdoors.

We can offer the service with free or paid access depending on the characteristics of the WiFi area you need to create. And the difference between the access network for clients and that of the employees.


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