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Roger Weir got everything he needed with ib-red

Roger Weir consiguió todo lo que necesitaba con ib-red

The town of Betlem already has optical fiber and clients like Roger are enjoying its benefits.

Roger Weir retired in 2008 and now he lives in Betlem, Mallorca, where he has had an apartment since 2003. Before he retired, he was initially an accountant but spent much of the time running various businesses in the UK. For this reason, he used the internet to work.

In the beginning, the internet service was from another company and was based on a landline. And according to Roger, "this was awful, speeds rarely exceeded 0.4 mbps and only worked half of the time. Despite many calls to the engineers, they were never able to improve the service. This caused many problems for me as, at the time, I was still working and could not even get access to e-mail reliably. I regularly had to visit Internet cafes just to catch up.".

Something had to change

Roger discovered ib-red by looking at billboards advertising about WiMAX service, which at the time was 8 mbps. As he says, this was "a massive improvement."

After looking at the advertisement, he decided to call us, and he had the system installed very quickly in 2014. Roger was delighted with the service: "It was reliable, fast, and I could work and communicate from the apartment.".

In addition, he told us that his apartment is "on a complex, and it meant the engineers had to work out where to install the antenna and handle the cabling. They did an excellent job.".

Over the years, more precisely at the end of 2019, we decided to improve the network repeater to renew the equipment and improve the signal, so we decided to offer him this update at no cost.

And during this year, we deployed fiber optics in Betlem, the town where Roger lives. This is how Roger got this migration to fiber.

How Roger feels about ib-red today

When we asked about his satisfaction with the service, he was totally lapidary: "I have never really considered anyone else because I have never needed to."

But there is something else that Roger values about our company, and that is the possibility of contacting us via Twitter. That was a plus that made him very happy since he often uses this social network.

In conclusion, Roger couldn't be happier with his connection. Today, thanks to ib-red, "everything we were used to doing in the UK (Netflix, iPads) we can do in Mallorca and if we have guests, they can use the internet too.".

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