VAT included in all prices

You, me, them... all of us, are treated well and want to be treated well, fairly and equally with respect, politeness and affection. With this in mind, we’ve created a list of commitments, to fulfil, and to be fulfilled.

Our plan points


#1 Highly experienced, with 1000s of installations completed

Your connection installed by experts. We’ve been installing Internet connections since 2007, even before smartphones arrived. We have completed more than 25,000 installations in homes in the Balearic Islands. Count on our experience.


#2 No surprises

Straightforward information before you hire us. Simple pricing system in which VAT is ALWAYS included. We don’t offer confusing packages, or promotions that go up in price unexpectedly. Know exactly how much you are going to pay.


#3 Taster

We don’t issue the first invoice until after 5 days. This way, you can check that everything is working properly before we charge you. You start paying when it’s working at 100%


#4 No clock-watching

We dedicate to you whatever amount of time is required. When we’re with you, we’re never in a hurry, we always have the time to discuss and listen to your needs. Dedication and attention yield the most effective results. Unrushed service.


#5 No obligation

Contrata lo que necesites, si es Internet, Internet. Si no quieres tener la línea móvil de ib-red, no te obligamos. No hacemos paquetes, pero sí descuentos 😉 Don’t pay for what you don’t need.


#6 Bye-bye bureaucracy

Simple formalities. Cancelling your service is as simple as registering for it (just make the request via e-mail and attach a photocopy of your ID). We want to welcome you to ib-red without any tricks. Put an end to despair and free up your time.


#7 When you need something, you need it there and then

We respond to your requests ASAP. Technical support Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am. to 7:00 pm., new installations in 4 days and assistance at home within approximately 24 hours (according to the latest statistics). We’re always trying to reduce times. Quick service.


#8 Ours is a ¡Hello!

There are ‘hellos’ and ‘HELLOS!’ We provide assistance in a lively manner. We’re energetic. We’re positive. We’re happy. Because happiness helps us carry out our work more enthusiastically. Things get done better and we reach more satisfactory results. Be attended with joy


#9 Number 1

ib-red customers are our priority. If we increase the megas, our customers come first. If we lower our prices, our customers come first. If we install new technology, so will our customers. Our customers come first.


#10 We'll give it to you straight

We do it for you. You simply have to call us and enjoy the Internet service; the rest is up to us. We keep you informed, we complete the installation, we do the maintenance, and, after cancellation, we uninstall the system and remove the equipment. Your time is yours.


#11 We invest more effort in you than the big ones.

Our competition is tough, multinationals with millions of customers in hundreds of countries... That's why we think more of you and are more available. Be served with dedication.


#12 We invest in you

Do we use publicity? Yes, but not much. Almost our entire marketing budget goes to product development and HR. We focus on providing a good service and price. You are our publicity. We invest in your connection.


#13 These are our traditions

We are from here and we can be found here. The entire ib-red team resides in the Islands; we love living here. Our phone number is also local, area code 971. Offices in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Hear a familiar voice.


#14 Are you looking for the best price?

Right from the start, we’ll offer you our best price. We’re not in a souk! We don’t haggle up or down with our customers. Our prices are clear and for all to see. Get the best price.


#15 An open book

We don’t think about concealing our service clauses. The terms and conditions are in legible font, and the most important ones, clearly visible. You know what you’re getting.


#16 Your opinion is gold

Our customers’ opinion doesn’t go unnoticed. You can contact us at our 4 offices by phone, e-mail or through social networks. Your comments are received and processed. By listening to your opinion, we give you a better service.


#17 Want to meet?

We like to see you in person. If you prefer to talk to us or solve your doubts face to face, please pay us a visit. We have 4 offices distributed over the Islands where we can meet in person; otherwise, you can reach us by e-mail, phone or video call. You can visit us whenever you want, we are close.


#18 “Almost everything” to have you at ib-red

We work to provide you our best service and conditions. We want you at ib-red for years to come. But we won’t offer you prices outside our catalogue, or gifts. If you find something better... tell us about it and we’ll work and improve so that you come back to us. We respect all of our customers equally.


#19 The naked truth

We recommend the connection that best suits your Internet use, not the one that best suits our bank account. And if after testing it you find it doesn’t suit you, you can scale up or down. Free of charge, naturally. Don't waste your money, don’t waste megas.


#20 We put ourselves in your shoes

When you call, we put ourselves in your shoes. We talk to people, not machines. You have a name and a surname, happy days and hard times... We care about you and we will respond to your Internet and mobile needs. Be heard and understood.


#21 Same product, same price

Our products have the same price for everyone; boys, girls; tall people, short people; whether you live in Llubí, Sineu, Mahó... it’s all the same. Whether you’ve stated your intention to leave us, or not. We respect you equally. Feel the peace of mind of having received the best offer.


#22 We won’t always fight for you

If you’re not nice to our ib-red employees; if you disrespect, insult, attack them... In that case, we’ll be the ones not wanting you. We have the utmost respect for you, respect us too! We are ib-red, you are ib-red. Let’s respect each other.


#23 Just like you!

The only way you’ll understand our products is through getting to know them. We, like you, also connect to the Internet, we also use ib-red. We understand what you’re saying.


#24 Any new developments are for everyone

We update our technology and when we implement it we install it for new customers, but we also upgrade our existing customers. Free of charge, of course. We update your technology, we improve your service.


#25 We take the Internet where others do not

170 repeaters and growing. Present in all the islands, even in Cabrera, and we will continue to work so that every corner of the Islands gets good Internet coverage. Internet wherever you need it.

And we have more

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